Grateful for Your Support

We want to say a huge thanks to our generous donors. In 2021, these individuals and organizations made a direct investment in helping individuals in our community get and stay a step ahead. Names are listed in accordance with donors’ wishes.

Abbot Laboratories
Baylor School
blue skies
Bobby Stone Foundation
Bright Funds
Costello Educational Foundation
Elsa and Peter Soderberg Charitable Foundation
First Christian Church Outreach Committee
First Horizon Foundation
George R. Johnson Family Foundation/Hardee’s
Hamico, Inc.
JPMorgan Chase Foundation (matching gift)
Lillian L. Colby Charitable Foundation
Lyndhurst Foundation
McKenney Giving Fund
Monteagle S.S. Assembly
Outreach Committee of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative (SVECares)
Sewanee Woman’s Club
UBS (matching gift)
Unitarian Universalist Church of Chattanooga
Unum (matching gift)
Verizon Foundation (matching gift)
Wanderlinger Brewing Co
Warburg Pincus Foundation
Weldon F. Osborne Foundation (matching gift)
Wild Geese Foundation
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation (matching gift)

Pat and David Martin
Olan and Norma Mills
Ted and Mary Navarre Moore

Sally and Buddy Faulkner
Dr. John Nelson and Dr. Lori Emerson
Claudia and Harold Stowe

Ann and Bill Aiken
Eugenia and Charles Allderdice
Dr. Sam and Dana Banks
Guy and Judy Beaty
Nancy and Charlie Belin
Mitchell and Hazel Bell
Monique Prado Berke
Bob and Nora Bernhardt
Alan Berlow and Susan Blaustein
Pat and Nina Brock
Susan and Paul Brock
Kadi Brown
Howard and Ann Brown
Hacker and Kitty Caldwell
Emily and Paul Campbell
Ann Casey
Shelton Swafford Chambers
Mary Ellen and Michael Coen
Ann Couillard
Andrea Crouch
Joe and Susan Davenport
Lynn and Edward Dolnick
Nancy Otis Doyle
Bea Lurie and David Eichenthal
Kate McCarry Frazier
Varsha and Devon Ghodasra
Moggie and Jim Henry
Joy Jones
MJ and Howard Levine
Allison and Kincaid Mills
Kristina and Tom Montague
Louise Powell
Judy Powell
Ben and Susan Probasco
Carol and Brian Quinn
Kathleen and Fred Robinson
Rachel and Henry Schulson
Reginald R. Sherrill, M.D.
Alice and Alfred Smith
Tamara H. Steward
Julie and Patrick Stowe
James Sutherland
Kathy Thaggard
Amy and Jamie Thomas
Susan Thul
Emily and Teo Valdés
Barbara and Alan Voss
Kelly Zabroski

Charlie Brock
Carol and Herb Burhenn
Carolina Calderón and Joshua Sneideman
Ruzha and Clif Cleaveland
Natalie Cook
June Cooper
Mary L Drazich
Jane Elmore
Ione and Jim Farrar
Mitch and Marie Farrar Baldree
April Goebeler
Vicky Gregg
Lisa Harrison
Ellen Hays
Jacob Hennings
John A. Hewgley
Drs. Kathleen and Peter Hunt
Deanne and Nelson Irvine
Nancy R. Jolley
Dr. Berneet Kaur
Barbara Kennedy
Pam and Phil Kiper
Alan and Alison Lebovitz
Tresa and Franklin McCallie
Philip M. Meyer II
Gloria J. Miller and David A. Bowman
Jennifer and Jay Mills
Shelby and Carrington Montague
Virginia Newmyer
Margy Oehmig
Rob Parker
Kim Perry Gardner
Debbie Sue and Mark Przybysz
Kim and Chris Radpour
Larimore B. and Marty B. Roberts
Maxine Robertson
Sarah and Jeff Ross
Emma Green and Michael Schulson
Lisa Shander
Pete and Lisa Shivers
Dorris Shober
Meghan Single
Pris and Robert Siskin
Gary and Dona Smith
Aggie and Andrew Stephenson
Wallace Tallent
Denise and Mike Taylor
Bill and Katie Warren
Flossie Weill

Linda J. Arent
Dr. Deborah Arfken
Julie Armstrong
Robin Balser
Melissa Barat
Jane and Bob Berz
Joan Bickerstaff
Anne and George Bright
Lisa and Josh Brown
Alissa and Andrew Browning-Couch
Helen Burns Sharp
Dr. Gloria Butler
Martha Butterfield
Charlotte Caldwell
Lauryn Carlson
Nancy Casson
Terry and Robert Childers
Mary Beth and Tom Clark
Rebecca Clark
Karen Claypool
Herb Cohn
Jo Coke
April Cook and Drew Comer
Eleanor and Melvin Cooper
Linda and Pete Cooper
Lisa Crowder
Patricia Daniel
Kristin and Gordon Davenport
Rose Decosimo
Myranda DeMailly
Stefanie deOlloqui
Beth Duggar
Wally and Shannon Edmondson
Judge Christie Sell Faires
Kitty Forbes
Dale and Kaye Foust
Rebecca Gibson
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Giles, Jr.
Lissa Goeltz
Chris Goodall
Liz and Frank Grant
Frank Greene
Meghan Greene
Margaret Haley
Stephanie Hays and Peter Woolcock
Dawn Hendrix
Carter Hewgley
Teresa H. Hill
Mark Issenberg and Nona Martini
Dr. Jeff and Terry Jump
Marian Kern
Linda and Frank Knight
Darcy Knowles
Summer Kohlhorst
Mary and David Laband
Carrie Lawson
Karna and Lloyd Levitt
Donna and Henry Lodge
Sarah Lodge
Gianna Maio
Ms. Archie Manoharan
Marya Margolis
Susan and John Martin
Georgia and John McCravey
Macy Meadows
Susy Meier
Ms. Sarah G. Moore
Brenda and Charles Neal
Alicia and Eric Oliver
Elise Ottenfeld
Lee and Z. Cartter Patten III
Susan and Phillip Pollock
Michael and Lisa Revenig
Barbara Roberts
Morgen Rose
Michelle Ruest
Jacqueline C. Scheinberg
Leah Schulson
Candy and Steve Scoggins
Virginia Anne Sharber
Joanna Shepich
Lavonda and Tim Shipley
Ellen Simak
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smallman
BettyeLynn Smith
Linda Snodgrass
John and Lynna Standridge
Taylor and Susan Stein
Rebecca Stimson and Thomas Jenkins
Jim and Anne Stover
Roses and Viston Taylor
Carol Torres
Tina Vance
Tina Villarreal
Dana Waxler
Nora H. Williams, MD
Elaine and Sanford Winer
Rachel and Hal Wright
Sylvia Zdunek

Derick Anderson
Edward Baker
Cathy Black
Linda Bradford
Mrs. Arthur L. Burns Jr.
Margaret M. Caldwell
Megan Clark
Dory Cooper
Sophia Cowan
Greg and Nancy Cross
Peggy Sue and David Denham
Cassidy Dickens
Brooke Dillard
Rachel Endo
Connelly P. Ensign
Angela Favaloro
Anne Feehrer
Julia Glass Dupre
Jeannine Grogg
Sarah Hall
Lauren Higgins
Liam Holt
Leslie Jones
Allison Jones
Ann Keown
Lisa Kurtz
Julie Kurtz-Kunesh
Donna Landry
David Lower
Nandini Makrandi
Rocco and Stefanie Mansueto
Tracy and John McCarley
Carolyn McConville
Patrick and Robbie Moore
Shannon B. Mowrer
John A. Niemeyer
Georgia Paturalski
Liquianna Perkins
Carolyn B. Pierce
Melanie Radtke
Alan Richelson and Lynn Howard
Galen Riley
Anne and Jack Robbins
Lori Ruderman
Judy and David Sachsman
Leah True Salerno
Ms. Lynn Seeger
Rachel Shannon
Kay Smith
Richard Sprague
Megan Turner
Heather Wilson
Martha Zlokovich

Andra Jurist, from Alan Berlow and Susan Blaustein

Corinne Allen, from Susan and John Martin Judy Powell Claudia and Harold Stowe

Diane Kimball, from Ann Couillard

Dorothy Godett, from Pat and Nina Brock Emily and Paul Campbell Judy and David Sachsman Alice and Alfred Smith Rose Decosimo Elaine and Sanford Winer MJ and Howard Levine

Jay Robertson, from Taylor and Susan Stein

John Divine McGee, from Roses and Viston Taylor

Valerie Arena, from Richard Sprague

Alicia and Eric Oliver, from Howard and Ann Brown

Claudia Swafford Haltom, from Louise Powell

Dana Banks, from Lori Ruderman

Kathy Thaggard, from Peggy Sue and David Denham Anne and Jack Robbins Anne Feehrer

Kelly Zabroski and Brian Bremer, from Chris Goodall

Lissa Goeltz, from Carter Hewgley

Martha Mulvaney & Lyda Prack, from Linda Snodgrass

Nancy Belin, from Charlie Belin

Pat Daniel, from Connelly P. Ensign

Rachel Schulson, from Jane and Bob Berz

Rose Dallimore, from Kitty Forbes

Sarah Quattrochi, from Leah True Salerno

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Gifts made after December 31, 2022 will be acknowledged in our 2023 listing. Thank you for your investment in women!
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