Education Video 3 min

$10 to $49

Supports ongoing community education efforts.


Funds training sessions for Appointment Line volunteers and Community Ambassadors.


Covers consultation plus pregnancy and other medical tests at initial visit.


Provides roundtrip transportation for ten women who otherwise couldn’t get to their appointments.


Pays for a long-acting, reversible contraceptive device.


Does even more to help women live life on their terms.


We are grateful to the following individuals and entities, whose 2018 investment in women helps our community get and stay a step ahead. Names are listed in accordance with donors’ wishes.

Benwood Foundation
The Bitter Alibi
blue skies
Church of the Good Shepherd
Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga
Educational Foundation of America
First Christian Church
First Tennessee Foundation
George R. Johnson Family Foundation
Hamico, Inc.
Lillian L. Colby Charitable Foundation
Lyndhurst Foundation
Schillhahn-Huskey Foundation
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Weldon F. Osborne Foundation
Wild Geese Foundation
Williams Benator & Libby, LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Chitty
Sally and Buddy Faulkner
Lizzer Bright Graham
Karen (“Candy”) Kruesi
Sarah and Jeff Lorberbaum
Pat and David Martin
Priscilla McLaughlin
Norma and Olan Mills
Ted and Mary Navarre Moore
Paul Neely
Grandchildren of Ruth S. Holmberg

Anonymous (2)
Iris and Lee Abelson
Ann and Bill Aiken
Dr. Sam and Dana Banks
Becky Barnes
Judy and Guy Beaty
Mitchell and Hazel Bell
Bob and Nora Bernhardt
Pat and Nina Brock
Susan and Paul Brock
Howard and Ann Brown
Kitty and Hacker Caldwell
Emily and Paul Campbell
Mary Ellen and Michael Coen
Joe and Susan Davenport
Lynn and Edward Dolnick
Kate McCarry Frazier
Autumn Graves
Moggie and Jim Henry
Nancy R. Jolley
Joy and Gerald Jones
MJ and Howard Levine
George Wilmoth and Marianne Lorren
Ms. Archie Manoharan
Cherie Martinez
Fran and Drew Martini
Allison and Kincaid Mills
Kristina and Tom Montague
Shelby and Carrington Montague
Helen S. Pregulman
Susan and Ben Probasco
William and Lorie Runge
Rachel and Henry Schulson
Alice and Alfred Smith
Marian and Jim Steffner
Julie and Patrick Stowe
Caitlin and Jack Studer
Amy and Jamie Thomas
Emily and Teo Valdés
Barbara and Alan Voss
Flossie Weill

Charles and Eugenia Allderdice
Nancy and Charlie Belin
Jane and Bob Berz
Charlie and Lisa Brock
Carol and Samuel Campbell
Andrea Crouch
Dr. Norman L. and Yurie Ellenberg
Ione and Jim Farrar
Kathy and Dale Hanson
Drs. Kathleen and Peter Hunt
Deanne and Nelson Irvine
Dr. Berneet Kaur
Alison and Alan Lebovitz
Geoffrey Liban
Charles and Jan Marie
Marlin Jean M. Martin
Tresa and Franklin McCallie
Pam and Rick McKenney
Jennifer and Jay Mills
Cannon and Rick Montague
Ruth Obear
Margy Oehmig
Alice Revenig
Larimore B. and Marty B. Roberts
Matt and Barbara Royal
Dorris P. Shober
Pris and Robert Siskin
Tamara H. Steward
John E. and Mary Ann Stewart
Susan Street
Wallace Tallent
Denise and Mike Taylor
Susan Vandergriff and Sam Tibbs
Bill and Katie Warren

Anonymous (3)
Owen Allen
Dr. Deborah Arfken
Holly Ashley
Sara M. Bahner
Danna Bailey and David Brock
Carol N. Beard
Mike and Cathy Boettner
Anne and George Bright
Nanette Brown
Alissa and Andy Browning-Couch
Carol and Herb Burhenn
Helen Burns Sharp
Gloria Butler, M.D.
Margaret M. Caldwell
Nelson Campbell
Rhonda Catanzaro
Terry and Robert Childers
Charlie and Kay Chitty
Lincoln H. Christensen
Ms. Karen Claypool/Across the Languages
Amy and Jon Cohen
Herb Cohn
Jo Coke
Linda and Pete Cooper
Ann Coulter and Tom Trevor
Patricia Daniel
Kristin and Gordon Davenport
Rose Decosimo
Heather and Joe DeGaetano
Stefanie deOlloqui
Wally and Shannon Edmondson
Judge Christie Sell Faires
Emma Green and Michael Schulson
Jody and Harry Groves
Jill Guess
Ellen Hays
Stephanie Hays
Neil, Joella and Abigail Hegwood
Terri and Craig Holley
Deborah Duncan Hyde
Mark Issenberg and Nona Martini
Dr. Jeff and Terry Jump
Mary and Bill Kilbride
Marion Kimball
Darcy Knowles
Katherine and Jason Lentz
Karna and Lloyd Levitt
Rocco and Stefanie Mansueto
Betsy and Stanley McCright
Gloria J. Miller and David A. Bowman
Jean and Hugh Moore
Ms. Sarah G. Moore
Patrick and Robbie Moore
Brenda and Charles Neal
Margaret and Ward Nelson
Ashley and Nick Nichols
Alicia and Eric Oliver
Lee and Cartter Patten
Ashlee Patten and Colleen Carboni
Cindy Patterson
Dana and Charles Perry
Susan Pollock
Judy Powell
Michael and Lisa Revenig
Curt and Marty Robinson
Sarah and Jeff Ross
Michelle Ruest
Louise A. Russell
Judy and David Sachsman
Kay Sanford
Leah Schulson
Virginia Anne Sharber
Alison Shaw
Pete and Lisa Shivers
Ellen Simak
Susan K. Smartt
BettyeLynn Smith
Linda Snodgrass
Bruce Stewart
Jim and Anne Stover
Julie and Rob Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Tibbs
Laura Walker and Albert Wells
Dana Waxler
Pat Whitaker
Elaine and Sanford Winer

Dennis Abbeduto
Pamela Ashmore, Ph.D.
Carla Askonas and Chuck Jones
Sandra Banks
Madison Bratcher
Mrs. Arthur L. Burns Jr.
Harriet Chipley
Dr. Tonia Cox
Chip and Stefanie Crowe
Paula and Michael Dzik
Michael Grilo
Jeannine Grogg
Cassandra Gross
Gena Hartman
Dr. Matthew Hine
Savannah Jones
Barbara Kennedy
Marian Kern
Donna Maddox
Susan and Scott McGinness
Phyllis and Jed Mescon
Shannon B. Mowrer
Catherine Murray
Emily O’Donnell
Matt Pfaltzgraf
Carolyn B. Pierce
Tara and Chris Poole
Alan Richelson and Lynn Howard
Galen Riley
Morgen Rose
Chelsea Schachle
Judy M. Schwartz
Ms. Lynn Seeger
Andrew Stephenson
Rev. Ann G. Weeks
Elizabeth Wells
Nancy Williams

Barry Parker
Nelson Campbell

Rosemary Kittrell
Nelson Campbell

Ruth S. Holmberg
Rose Decosimo
Charles and Jan Marlin

Dr. Kay K. Chitty
Mr. Chuck Chitty

Dana Banks
Sandra Banks

Lori Emerson Nelson
Brenda and Charles Neal

Martha Mulvaney
Linda Snodgrass

Nelson Irvine
Carol and Samuel Campbell

Rachel Schulson and Heather DeGaetano
Larimore B. and Marty B. Roberts

Sandy and Chuck Chitty 
Charlie and Kay Chitty

Susan Byrd
Danna Bailey and David Brock

Susan Vandergriff
Shelby and Carrington Montague

We also thank the following whose special contributions advanced A Step Ahead Chattanooga’s mission in 2018:
Chattanooga Whiskey
Husch Blackwell, LLP
Hutton & Smith
Ashlee Lawrence
Jason Scott
Susan and Taylor Stein
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Gifts made after December 31, 2018 will be acknowledged in our 2019 listing. This page will also be updated at that time. Thank you for your investment in women!