What to expect at your appointment

Getting an IUD or Implant inserted or removed at one of our clinic partners?

When you arrive at the clinic, you will check-in and let them know you are a client of A Step Ahead Chattanooga. You will then fill out our disclosure form, this ensures that A Step Ahead Chattanooga has your information so we can cover all of the costs pertaining to your birth control appointment(s) with your clinic. After you fill out our disclosure form and any other relevant or necessary paperwork, you will go back to a private room where a medical provider will meet with you to discuss the process.

The process for your birth control appointment will vary depending on each individual. If you’ve never had an IUD or Implant before, your first appointment will be a consultation where you and the medical provider will discuss all of your options.

You may not receive a device until the second visit, but A Step Ahead Chattanooga will cover all costs related to your IUD or Implant. This includes a pap test, well-woman exam, pregnancy test, and any other testing needed to receive your birth control device.

Getting a short-term birth control method through our telehealth provider, Twentyeight Health?

Through our partnership with Twentyeight Health, your birth control pills will be mailed directly to your home for FREE!

A Step Ahead Chattanooga will cover the cost of one year’s worth of birth control pills for individuals without insurance. If you are insured, we will cover the cost of your copays or anything else not covered by your insurance as it relates to your birth control pills. We are piloting this as a limited launch in order to serve our clients best. 

When you call our appointment line at 423-265-7837, one of our volunteers will ask what type of birth control method you seek. If you select birth control pills, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on the next steps or a notification that you are on the waitlist. At the beginning of each month, the waitlist will be updated. 

Once we move you off the waitlist, we will send you an email to complete our client disclosure form. After receiving your disclosure form, we will email you a link to Twentyeight’s brief online medical questionnaire. You will also receive a one-time use code to enter during check out. Your one-time use code is for one year’s worth of birth control pills. After a year, you must submit a new disclosure form to obtain a new code.