We provide long-term, reversible birth control (IUDs and implants) to any woman living in Southeast Tennessee* who wants it. For free. These low-maintenance methods provide protection when a woman wants it and are fully reversible when she’s ready.

With donations from individuals, companies, and foundations, A Step Ahead Chattanooga:

  • educates women (and men) so they know about these highly effective options
  • works with providers to ensure they’re trained and ready to offer IUDs and implants
  • pays whatever costs aren’t covered by other means
  • offers free transportation to appointments, if needed
  • operates an appointment line to make appointments/arrange transportation: 423-265-STEP

With control over her destiny, every woman has the opportunity to complete an education, earn more money, have healthier babies, take care of her children, and live life on her terms.

*Counties Served: Bledsoe, Bradley, Franklin, Grundy, Hamilton, Marion, Meigs, McMinn, Polk, Rhea, and Sequatchie

  • President

    Tamara Steward

  • President-Elect

    Sarah Ross
    Baylor School

  • Treasurer

    Stefanie Mansueto
    J.P. Morgan Chase

  • Secretary

    Caitlin Studer
    Community Volunteer

  • At-Large

    Christie Sell Faires
    General Sessions Court Judge

Becky Barnes
Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department

Heather DeGaetano
Chi Omega Foundation

Shannon Edmondson
The Hospice of Chattanooga Foundation

Ione Farrar
Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department

Dr. Kathleen Hunt
Children’s Hospital at Erlanger

Walter Leinberger

MJ Levine
Community Volunteer

Fran Martini
BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

Alicia Oliver
BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

Rebecca Suttles
Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga

Alexis Bogo
Alison Lebovitz
Lorie Street Runge

Rachel Schulson
Executive Director

Susan Vandergriff
Director of Operations and Outreach

Alissa Browning-Couch
Administrative Program Assistant

Sara Scott
Volunteer Coordinator


We are grateful to the following individuals and entities, whose 2016 investment in women helps our community get and stay a step ahead. Names are listed in accordance with donors’ wishes.

Anonymous (3)
A Step Ahead Foundation of Middle Tennessee
American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)
BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Health Foundation
Benwood Foundation
Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga
First Tennessee Foundation
Hamico, Inc.
Lillian L. Colby Charitable Foundation
Lyndhurst Foundation
McKenzie Charitable Foundation
Shadowbox Paperie
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
The Church of the Good Shepherd
Unum Matching Gift Program

Emily and Paul Campbell
Joe and Susan Davenport
Sally and Buddy Faulkner
Ruth S. Holmberg
Candy Kruesi
Sarah and Jeff Lorberbaum
Alice P. Lupton
Priscilla McLaughlin
Norma and Olan Mills
Ted and Mary Navarré Moore
Paul Neely

Anonymous (2)
Ann and Bill Aiken
Dr. Samuel and Dana Banks
Judy and Guy Beaty
Hazel and Mitchell Bell
Fletcher Bright
Susan and Paul Brock
Nina and Pat Brock
Howard and Ann Brown
Kitty and Hacker Caldwell
Sally and Gary Chazen
Chuck Chitty
Mary Ellen and Michael Coen
Andrea M. Crouch
Drs. Lori Emerson and John Nelson
Mark Issenberg and Nona Martini
Nancy Jolley
Joy and Gerald Jones
MJ and Howard Levine
Fran and Drew Martini
Allison and Kincaid Mills
Kristina and Tom Montague
Shelby and Carrington Montague
Marcy Porter
Helen S. Pregulman
Susan and Ben Probasco
Lorie and Bill Runge
Rachel and Henry Schulson
Drs. Nicholas and Shevonda Sherrow
Alice and Alfred Smith
Marian and Jim Steffner
Taylor and Susan Stein
Mary Ann and John E. Stewart
Caitlin and Jack Studer
Barbara and Alan Voss
Flossie Weill and Barry Parker
Jo Ann Yates

Iris and Lee Abelson
Corinne A. Allen
Becky Barnes
Monique Prado Berke
Nora and Bob Bernhardt
Jane and Bob Berz
Sandy and Tom Boone
Autumn and David Boyd
Lisa and Charlie Brock
Ned and Wendy Caswell
Angela Conroy
Rebecca and Elliott Davenport Jr.
Carla Donina and Jerry Mitchell
Dr. Norman and Yurie Ellenberg
Morgan Everett
Deborah H. Everhart
Ione and Jim Farrar
Kate M. Frazier
Sharon C. Fussell
Drs. Monica and Jeff Gefter
Tom and Darlene Glenn
Jim and Moggie Henry
Dr. Linda Hill
Tamara Hines, MBA, PMP
Drs. Kathleen and Peter Hunt
Deanne and Nelson Irvine
Andra Jurist and Bruce Stewart
Alison and Alan Lebovitz
Marianne Lorren
Pat and David Martin
Jean M. Martin
Tresa and Franklin McCallie
Cannon Montague
Ellen and Chris Moore
Carla and Bubba Morgan
Larry and Marty Roberts
Dorris P. Shober
Julie and Patrick Stowe
Susan Street
Wallace Tallent
Denise and Mike Taylor
Amy and Jamie Thomas
Susan Vandergriff
Deborah Williams

Anonymous (6)
Andrea Aaron
Lynn and Dr. C.R. Adcock
Jeannine Alday
Dr. Deborah Arfken
Richard and Emily Auten
Sara Bahner
Danna Bailey and David Brock
Kandy Berke
Jamy and George Bock
Julie Betts Brandao
Anne and George Bright
Zane and Greg Brown
Betsy Blunt Brown
Dr. Gloria Butler
Nelson Campbell
Ann Casey
Rhonda Catanzaro
Ann Cater
Terry and Robert Childers
Karen Claypool
Clif and Ruzha Cleaveland
Herb Cohn
Jo Coke
Linda and Pete Cooper
Kathleen and Chris Crevasse
Patricia Daniel
Liz and Chet Davidson
Margha Davis
Heather and Joe DeGaetano
Stefanie deOlloqui
Kate and Pat Dilworth
Mike and Lisa Drew
Sally Durand
Marcy and David Eason
Wally and Shannon Edmondson
Kitty and Walter Forbes
Kristin Ford
Elizabeth and Steven Forrester
Sylvia and John Friedl
Patti Giles
Dr. Autumn A. Graves
Jenny and Matt Green
Charlotte and Doug Gregorie
Jody and Harry Groves
Kathy and Dale Hanson
Janet Hartman
Ken and Ellen Hays
Patsy Hazlewood
Harriette and Earl Hereford
Regina Hickl-Szabo
Tara and Wyatt Hogue
Terri and Craig Holley
Louisa and Jamey Hurst
Kim and Mark Ingle
Jarmin Johnston
Ms. Maeghan Jones and Dr. Kirk Zigler
Nicole Kelly
Bill and Mary Kilbride

Farron Kilburn and Matthew McClanahan
Marion Kimball
Craig Kronenberg and Heidi Hefferlin
Jonnie LaFoy
Dr. Bruce Kaplan and Ann Law
Karna and Lloyd Levitt
Samantha and Matthew Lunn
Bea Lurie and David Eichenthal
Donna Maddox
Stefanie and Rocco Mansueto
Virginia Martin
Mr. Matthew and Dr. Patricia McLelland
Jean and Hugh Moore
Lee Moore
Carol A. Mutter
Judith and Michael Myers
Brenda and Charles Neal
Alicia and Eric Oliver
Heather Ott and Lee Davis
Lee and Cartter Patten
Kathy Patten
Meredith G. Perry
Mufti and John Phillips
Phil and Susan Pollock
Judy Powell
Pamela Reeves and Charles Swanson
Kymberly and Donn Restelli
Michael and Lisa Revenig
Mary Lee Rice
Marty and Curt Robinson
Erika and Paul Roess
Sarah and Jeff Ross
Matt and Barbara Royal
Michelle Ruest
Meredith Ruffner
Louise A. Russell
Jackie and Marty Scheinberg
Gracie and Frank Schriner
Leah Schulson
Lisa Shivers
Patrick and Maggie Shutters
Pris and Robert Siskin
Susu Smartt
Linda Snodgrass
Stacey and John Spann
Sarah and Jamey Steffner
Jim and Anne Stover
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Suttles
Sandy and Ben Tabakin
Roses Watson Taylor
Courtney and William Valentine
Karen and Dan Walker
Jennifer and Danny Waxenberg
Dana Waxler
Cindy Whitaker
Brett and Keri Williams
Elaine and Sanford Winer
Kirby Yost
Jean Burke Young

Anonymous (4)
Dennis Abbeduto
Pamela Ashmore, Ph.D.
Carla Askonas and Chuck Jones
Happy Yates Baker
Alissa and Andy Browning-Couch
Margaret M. Caldwell
Meg O’Neill Cannon
Kristin and Gordon Davenport
Juanita F. Del Pino
Yvonne and Bill Derrickson
Lori Finlay
Liz and Frank Grant
Margaret Anne Haley
Dr. Melissa Hamp
Lynn Harding
Hap and Linda Harwell
Natalie Haymond
Stephanie Hays
Sara Hester
Laura K. Higgason
Lisa and Bob Hill
Jennifer Holder
Alan Richelson and Lynn Howard
Buckner Hughes
Lee Johnson
Carol Johnson

Marian R. Kern
Darcy Knowles
Abigail Judge Kret
Peggy and Jim Laney
Walter and Yolanda Leinberger
Stacy Goodwin Lightfoot
Carissa and Steve Margio
Phyllis and Jed Mescon
Sarah G. Moore
Amy Mulroy
Sarah Page
Carolyn B. Pierce
Jane Pritchard
Judy and David Sachsman
John Schneider
Judy M. Schwartz
Ms. Lynn Seeger
Hannah Shadrick
Alison Shaw
Lavonda and Tim Shipley
Charlotte Smalley
BettyeLynn Smith
Helen R. Smith
Joyce J. Smith
Molly Trainor
Rev. Ann G. Weeks
Martha Westbrook
Laura Willett

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Gifts made after December 31, 2016 will be acknowledged in our 2017 Annual Report. This page will also be updated at that time. Thank you for your investment in women!


423-265-STEP (7837)
Nexplanon implant and all types of IUDs available at no cost at our partner medical facilities.

Ask about free transportation!


Please contact us if you are interested in hosting A Step Ahead Chattanooga at your community event or scheduling a free presentation for your organization or program.