Kids afraid to talk to you about sex? Encourage them to talk to their primary care physician for guidance in their sexual development.

Don’t be afraid to start the conversation early to maintain openness between you and your child. Watch these parents find the best way to explain things even if they are cringing on the inside.

1. Start early: Use this “window of opportunity” and talk with your children early and often about tough issues like sex, love and relationships.

2. Start the talk: Don’t count on your child feeling comfortable enough to come to you with questions. Begin the conversation yourself.

3. Share your values: When talking with your child about sex, love and relationships remember to talk about your family’s values.

4. Listen as much as you talk: Listening carefully lets your child know he or she is important. This can lead to valuable discussions about a wide variety of sensitive issues.

5. Be honest: Whatever your child’s age, he or she needs honest answers and information. Honesty will build trust for further talks.

6. Be patient: Let your child think at his or her own pace. Listen to what your child is saying daily about people, places and situations that may be unhealthy, or give cause for concern.

7. Use “teachable moments”: Moments in everyday life are a perfect chance to begin talking. TV shows and commercials are a great way to start a talk about teen pregnancy, peer pressure or relationships.

8. Talk about it again… and again… and again: Most children only want small bits of information at any one time — especially about heavy topics like sex, love and relationships. They will not learn everything from a single discussion — give more than just “the talk”!

We’re here to prevent these moments. An awkward situation like this can prevent you and your teen from talking about sex ever again.

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