A Step Ahead Chattanooga’s Community Outreach Team 2020

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Who are we?

A Step Ahead Chattanooga is a prevention-only organization that provides information about and free access to long-term, reversible birth control (IUDs and implants). We believe that every woman should be able to plan if/when she wants to start a family. Doing so empowers a woman to complete her education, earn more money, take care of her children, and live life on her terms. 

What is the Community Outreach Team?

Members of the Outreach Team serve as our ambassadors in the community. As Peer-to-Peer Educators with A Step Ahead Chattanooga, Outreach Team members have an opportunity to work at health fairs and other community events. Check out the video at the bottom of the page to see the team in action!

  • Akiyana
    Akiyana Joined in 2020

    Akiyana is a senior at UTC studying Political Science and recently spent time interning for a 2020 presidential campaign. She plans to continue her education pursuing business law and will graduate in 3.5 years. 

    Fun Fact: She ran track for four years. 

  • Brandon
    Brandon Joined in 2020

    Brandon is a first-year Master of Public Health grad student at UTC. He’s 26-years old and formally a biochemistry major who does animation and graphic design work.

    Fun Fact: He performs freestyle raps at open mic nights.

  • Denver
    Denver Joined in 2017

    Denver is a senior at McCallie School. He’s been a part of the Outreach Team for four years and one of the only males on the team the entire time.

    Fun Fact: Denver is part of the Mayor’s Youth Council. 

  • Hannah
    Hannah Joined in 2020

    Hannah is a senior and nursing major at UTC. Her dream is to be a NICU nurse. She loves to travel and recently went to New York!

    Fun Fact: She’s played the piano for 10 years. 

  • Ice-Le’nd
    Ice-Le’nd Joined in 2020

    Ice-Le’nd is a senior at Brainerd High School and plays basketball, volleyball, and runs track. She plans to continue her education in business, entrepreneurship, and communication. 

    Fun Fact: She has plans to start her own non-profit for African American girls aimed at helping young women comprehend their worth!

  • Jaunda
    Jaunda Joined in 2017

    Jaunda is a Chattanooga native. She is a Libra who enjoys yoga and when there’s time, she likes exploring the outdoors, walking trails, and being at the beach. 

    Fun Fact: Her dream job is to one day be a pharmacy technician.

  • Jillian
    Jillian Joined in 2020

    Jillian is a senior at UTC, studying non-profit management and gender studies. Her passion is advocacy! After graduation, she plans to participate in the AmeriCorps.

    Fun Fact:  Last summer, she got bit by a tick and now cannot eat red meat!

  • Natalie
    Natalie Joined in 2017

    Natalie will soon be attending PA school at Emory Henry in Virginia. She loves to hike and travel, explore new areas and places to eat. To fully appreciate others, Natalie loves learning about cultures and customs. 

    Fun Fact: She is always dancing, even without music.

  • Orly
    Orly Joined in 2019

    Orly is a junior at Baylor School and tutors kids at a local YFD center. She enjoys cooking and spending time in nature. Last summer she was an exchange student in Australia.

    Fun Fact: She does not know how to ride a bike.

  • Rachel
    Rachel Joined in 2020

    Rachel is a sophomore in high school.  She finds learning about other cultures interesting. You may even find her singing songs by Ariana Grande or acting in a musical.  

    Fun Fact: Her favorite TV show is The Office.

  • Tyler
    Tyler Joined in 2017

    Tyler is a senior at CSAS and is currently an intern with ASAC. She is interested in public health, philanthropy, non-profit work, and politics. 

    Fun Fact:  She has a labradoodle named Flossie.


Email our Education and Outreach Manager, Michelle Dunn-Loveless.


423-265-STEP (7837)
Nexplanon implant and IUDs available at no cost at our medical partners.


Please contact us if you are interested in hosting A Step Ahead Chattanooga at your community event or scheduling a presentation for your organization or program.