Empower Her Through Sustainable Monthly Giving

Our monthly giving circle isn’t just easier for you, it also comes with exclusive member benefits and helps us to continue providing services for women well into the future.

Our dream is for all women to have the opportunity to pursue an education, move ahead in their careers, help their families get ahead, and be able to plan the lives they want to lead. Your support empowers women with knowledge and access to long-term, reversible birth control, and eliminates the cost barrier – allowing each woman to make her own decision about if and when she wants to become pregnant.

A monthly gift to A Step Ahead is your chance to EmpowerHer.


All EmpowerHer Monthly Giving Circle Members receive:

• Ongoing video updates from our team
• Exclusive client stories via email (names changed for privacy)
• Access to news and updates about A Step Ahead Chattanooga

Monthly Giving Levels

Your monthly gift helps a new client every month – that’s 12 different women you’ll empower over the course of a year!
Choose how you would like to EmpowerHer from the Monthly Giving Levels below:

$10 each month covers the cost of a new client’s pregnancy test, required before she receives her IUD or implant.
$20 each month covers the cost of transportation to and from a woman’s birth control appointment.
$50 each month covers the cost of one Liletta IUD that provides a woman six years of reliable birth control. (Yes, six years of protection!)
$100 each month covers the cost of a well-woman gynecological visit.

Join the EmpowerHer Monthly Giving Circle Today!

Make sure to select the amount you wish to give each month and select the MONTHLY option before proceeding
to ensure that your donation is a sustaining monthly gift to A Step Ahead Chattanooga.

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