Workshops for Youth

ASAC’s mission includes providing education that can lead to barriers in care. Tennessee’s abstinence-only sex education policy prevents many youth from learning about their bodies, relationships, and health. With comprehensive sex education, ASAC equips youth to make decisions that are right for them, their bodies, and their relationships through empowering knowledge. All sessions offered by ASAC are free to host and/or attend.

Our workshops cover:

  • Reproductive Health Overview
    • Provides an overview of anatomy, the menstrual cycle, STIs, and birth control options
  • Healthy Relationships
    • Helps individuals identify healthy and unhealthy behaviors, recognize red flags and green flags, discusses multiple types of abuse and the cycle of abuse as well as how to healthily resolve conflict with partners.
  • Consent & Boundaries
    • Discusses the tenants of consent, the importance of setting boundaries, how to set healthy boundaries, and practicing effective communication.
  • The Menstrual Cycle
    • Covers the phases of the menstrual cycle, what a regular cycle could mean, what to talk to your doctor about, and how pregnancy causes changes to the menstrual cycle.
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
    • Reviews differences in types of STIs and provides general information about STIs, their prevention, and their treatment. 
  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) Series
    • This multi-session series can be customized to your site to cover the topics you feel are a good fit for your youth. These sessions cover the topics listed above as well as others in alignment with the National Sexuality Education Standards.

For more information about hosting a session,  information about the sessions offered through the CSE series, or general information about all the topics covered by A Step Ahead Chattanooga educators, please reach out to us below.