$20: Supports ongoing community education efforts.

$50: Pays for five clients’ pregnancy tests before they receive contraceptive services.

$100: Covers one woman’s well-woman gynecological visit.

$250: Provides ten women with roundtrip appointment transportation.

$500: Provides one woman with long-acting reversible contraception. (Cost varies by device.)

Other amount: Supports women striving to live life on their terms


We are grateful to the following individuals and entities, whose 2019 investment in women helps our community get and stay a step ahead. Names are listed in accordance with donors’ wishes.

Across the Languages
Benwood Foundation
The Bitter Alibi
blue skies
Bobby Stone Foundation
Chattanooga Whiskey
The Church of the Good Shepherd
Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga
The Daily Ration
The Elsa and Peter Soderberg Charitable Foundation
First Christian Church Outreach Committee
First Tennessee Foundation
George R. Johnson Family Foundation
Hamico, Inc.
JPMorgan Chase Foundation (matching gift)
Lyndhurst Foundation
McKenzie Foundation
Merck (matching gift)
Pinnacle Financial Partners
Rotary Club of Chattanooga
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Tulsa Community Foundation
UBS (matching gift)
Unitarian Universalist Church of Chattanooga
Unum (matching gift)
Weldon F. Osborne Foundation
Wild Geese Foundation

Pat and David Martin
Norma and Olan Mills
Ted and Mary Navarre Moore
Paul Neely

Iris and Lee Abelson
Dr. Lori Emerson and Dr. John Nelson
Sally and Buddy Faulkner
Karen (“Candy”) Kruesi
Priscilla McLaughlin

Ann and Bill Aiken
Eugenia and Charles Allderdice
Marie Farrar Baldree
Dr. Sam and Dana Banks
Becky Barnes
Judy and Guy Beaty
Mitchell and Hazel Bell
Monique Prado Berke
Alan Berlow and Susan Blaustein
Bob and Nora Bernhardt
Jane and Bob Berz
Susan and Paul Brock
Pat and Nina Brock
Howard and Ann Brown
Kadi Brown
Hanna and Andy Burnett
Kitty and Hacker Caldwell
Emily and Paul Campbell
Shelton Chambers and Patrick Chambers
Mary Ellen and Michael Coen
Andrea Crouch
Joe and Susan Davenport
Heather and Joe DeGaetano
Lynn and Edward Dolnick
Carla Donina and Jerry Mitchell
Stephen Golden and Susan Tarrence
Vicky Gregg
Moggie and Jim Henry
Drs. Kathleen and Peter Hunt
Nancy R. Jolley
Joy and Gerald Jones
MJ and Howard Levine
Sarah and Jeff Lorberbaum
Ms. Archie Manoharan
Jean M. Martin
Kate McCarry Frazier
Georgia and John McCravey
Gloria J. Miller and David A. Bowman
Allison and Kincaid Mills
Shelby and Carrington Montague
Kristina and Tom Montague
Dan and Amber Norton
Margy Oehmig
Bryan Patten
Helen S. Pregulman
Susan and Ben Probasco
Carol and Brian Quinn
Larimore B. and Marty B. Roberts
William and Lorie Runge
Rachel and Henry Schulson
Reginald Sherrill
Alice and Alfred Smith
Dr. Christine Smith
Marian and Jim Steffner
Taylor and Susan Stein
Julie and Patrick Stowe
Amy and Jamie Thomas
Emily and Teo Valdés
Susan Vandergriff and Sam Tibbs
Barbara and Alan Voss
Flossie Weill
Jo Ann Yates

Nancy and Charlie Belin
Taylor and Maci Bookout McKinney
Charlie Brock
Carol and Herb Burhenn
Ann Casey
Karen S. Diamond
Kim Perry Gardner
Drs. Monica and Jeff Gefter
Kathy and Dale Hanson
Lisa Harrison
Louisa and Jamey Hurst
Deanne and Nelson Irvine
Mark Issenberg and Nona Martini
Beverly Johnson
Dr. Bruce Kaplan and Ann Law
Dr. Berneet Kaur
Alison and Alan Lebovitz
Cynthia Lee
Charlie and Marie Marlin
Fran and Drew Martini
Tresa and Franklin McCallie
Pamela McKenney
Ruth Obear
Meg O’Neill Cannon
Heather Ott and Lee Davis
Judy Powell
Debbie Sue and Mark Przybysz
Sarah and Jeff Ross
Lisa Shander
Dorris P. Shober
Pris and Robert Siskin
Aggie and Andrew Stephenson
Tamara H. Steward
John Ebb and Mary Ann Stewart
Wallace Tallent
Denise and Mike Taylor
Eileen and John Thornton
Bill and Katie Warren
Harriett and Berton Whitaker
Kathryn Winick

Anonymous (3)
George and Maureen Abernathy
Bertha Alford
Corinne A. Allen
Owen Allen
Dr. Deborah Arfken
Sara Bahner
Danna Bailey and David Brock
Sandra Banks
John Belin
Dr. Robert and Laura Berglund
Chris Berryman
Mike and Cathy Boettner
Rick and Julie Brackett
Kim Bradford
Anne and George Bright
Zane and Greg Brown
Alissa and Andrew Browning-Couch
Dr. Gloria Butler
Margaret M. Caldwell
Nate and Starr Card
Terry and Robert Childers
Mary Beth and Tom Clark
Sarah and Will Clegg
Herb Cohn
Jo Coke
June Cooper
Linda and Pete Cooper
Eleanor and Melvin Cooper
Dr. Tonia Cox
Lisa Crowder
Patricia Daniel
Kristin and Gordon Davenport
Nini and Elliott Davenport
Rose Decosimo
Karen Dempsey
Stefanie deOlloqui
Nancy Doyle
Deborah Duncan
Lesley and Jim Dunn
Marcy Eason
Missy and Jay Elliott
Ashley Farless
Ione and Jim Farrar
Kitty and Walter Forbes
Brooke and Craig Fuller
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Giles, Jr.
Liz and Frank Grant
Emma Green and Michael Schulson
Meghan Greene
Carl Greene
Vallerie and Michael Greer
Jeannine Grogg
Jill Guess
Laurie Harvey
Bob and Maggie Hatcher
Ellen Hays
Stephanie Hays and Peter Woolcock
Abbey Hegwood; Neil and Joella Hegwood
Harriette and Earl Hereford
Shelley Davis Huber
Fox and Jarmin Johnston
Dr. Jeff and Terry Jump
Carolyn Kaufman
Barbara Kennedy
Marian Kern
Mary and Bill Kilbride
Farron Kilburn and Dr. Matthew McClanahan
Darcy Knowles
Craig Kronenberg and Heidi Hefferlin
Sande Lambert
Carrie Lawson
Karna and Lloyd Levitt
Sunshine Loveless and Michelle Dunn-Loveless
Bea Lurie and David Eichenthal
Rocco and Stefanie Mansueto
Sarah Marshall
Cherie Martinez
Katie McCallie
Alex McFall
Phillip M. Meyer II
Caroline and Brian Mickey
Jennifer and Jay Mills
Ms. Sarah G. Moore
Lesley Moore
Shannon B. Mowrer
Virginia Newmyer
John A. Niemeyer
Alicia and Eric Oliver
Ashlee Owens
Shirley Panizza
Lee and Z. Cartter Patten III
Cindy Patterson
Cathy and Patten Pettway
Carolyn B. Pierce
Cathy and Chuck Pruett
Kim and Chris Radpour
Michael and Lisa Revenig
Marty and Curt Robinson
Morgen Rose
Michelle Ruest
Leah Schulson
Darian Scott
Virginia Anne Sharber
Helen Burns Sharp
Alison Shaw
Lavonda and Tim Shipley
Pete and Lisa Shivers
Ellen Simak
Erin and Jay Sizemore
BettyeLynn Smith
Helen and Stanley Smith
Kelly Smith
Dona Gathman Smith
Linda Snodgrass
Jim and Anne Stover
Caitlin and Jack Studer
Jann and Gregg Sullivan
Roses and Viston Taylor
Susan Thul
Edna E. Varner
Dana Waxler
Debbie Williams
Elaine and Sanford Winer
Leigh-Ann Yates

Anonymous (3)
Maggie Akridge
Derick Anderson
Valerie Arena
Holly Ashley
Savannah Benedict
Vickie Berghel
Falyn Blalock
Melissa Blevins
Skylar and Jason Bowers
Madison R. Bradford
Linda Bradford
Meg Brasel
Julie L. Brown
Lisa and Josh Brown
Elin Bunch
Mrs. Arthur L. Burns Jr.
Charlotte Caldwell
David and Kaysia Campbell
Carrie Cape
Jeannine Carpenter
Marilyn S. Center
Celyn Christensen
Elaine Clark
Katherine Clem
Mike Cooper
Jan Cooper
Ann Coulter and Tom Trevor
Natalie Cropp
Stefanie and Chip Crowe
Rebecca and Elliott Davenport Jr.
Margha M. Davis
Cindy Deere
Mayada Dhanani
Melissa Didden
Molly Dolg
Wally and Shannon Edmondson
Elizabeth Elkins
David and Kelley Elliott
Carl Ellis
Anne Feehrer
Dale and Kaye Foust
Leigh Fryar
Abby and Ben Garrison
Irv Ginsburg
Ramona Glascock
Autumn Graves
Michael Grilo
Ashley Guthrie
Carley Hanson
Gena Hartman
Dawn Hendrix
Natalie Henson
Molly Hobbs
Natalie Hostetler
Raven Humphrey
Lynn Ireland
Katie Beth Jacobs
Chrissy Jones
Joy and Carson Kaeser
Cynthia Kean
Cassidy Kelley
Dallas Yancey Kenna
James O Kennedy
Ann Keown
Laura Ketcham
Katie King
Mary and David Laband
Peggy and Jim Laney
Katherine and Jason Lentz
Wheeler Lewis
Mia and David Littlejohn
Samantha and Matt Lunn
John and Renee MacCoon
Donna P. Maddox
Gianna Maio
Rice Martin
Stephanie Martin
Carolyn Mason
Tracy and John McCarley
Susy Meier
Phyllis and Jed Mescon
Lindsey Mitchell
Patrick and Robbie Moore
Tim Morris
Michael Nash
Katie Nelson
Margaret and Ward Nelson
Ashley and Nick Nichols
Virginia Norris
Mary Oehmig
Esme Oehmig
Karen Officer-Bell
Barbara Oxenhandler
Tiffany Phillips
Cindy Procious
Linsay Reardon
Lindsey Reed
Pat Reilly
Marianna Riddle
Mary Louise Roberts
Amanda Robins
Lindsay Rose
Ryan Rothermel
Kate Royal
Caitlin Rozell
Louise A. Russell
Judy and David Sachsman
Jacqueline C. Scheinberg
Judy M. Schwartz
Erica Scoggins
Matthew Scott
Ms. Lynn Seeger
Judge Christie Sell Faires
Jill Shelton
Susan and William Spurgeon
David Steele
Colin Steinke
Keri Steward
Rebecca Stimson
Dr. Carol Burns Stoney
Lisa Stratienko
Rhea and Jim Studer
Andrew Sullivan
Hilda Sullivan
Jamie Tew
Clay Thomas
Joda Thongnopnua
Jess Thornton
Annie Thrash
Margaret Townsend
Burkhard Ulrich
Emily Unkle
Allyson Urban
Karen and Dan Walker
Beth Webb
Elizabeth Weidenaar
Helen White
Brett Williams
Lara Williams
Beth Woodall
Hope Woodruff

Dr. James Dingfelder
Dr. Sam and Dana Banks

Ruth S. Holmberg
Rose Decosimo
Charlie and Marie Marlin

Andra Jurist
Alan Berlow and Susan Blaustein
Virginia Newmyer

Angela Akers, Heather Brewster, Rachel Clark, Rebecca Clark, and Selina Duncan
Deborah Duncan

Dana Banks
Sandra Banks

Nancy Belin
John Belin
Heather and Joe DeGaetano

Susu and Paul Brock

Nancy Doyle
Shirley Panizza

Bill and Connelly Ensign
Patricia Daniel

Friends and Family of Ted and Mary Navarre Moore
Ted and Mary Navarre Moore

Judy Gallagher
Allyson Urban

Eugenia George and Peter Jacobson
MJ and Howard Levine

Susanne Grooms and Ashlee Turnbull
Judy and David Sachsman

Meghan Morris
Tim Morris

Martha Mulvaney and Lyda Prack
Linda Snodgrass

Rachel Schulson
Herb Cohn
Linda and Pete Cooper
Lynn and Edward Dolnick
Priscilla McLaughlin
Shelby and Carrington Montague
Judy Powell
Larimore B. and Marty B. Roberts
Leah Schulson

Rachel Schulson and Susu Brock
Margy Oehmig

Jann Sullivan
Andrew Sullivan

Susan Vandergriff
Shelby and Carrington Montague

Susan Vandergriff and Sam Tibbs
George and Maureen Abernathy
Alissa and Andrew Browning-Couch
David and Kaysia Campbell
Stefanie deOlloqui
Brooke and Craig Fuller
Sande Lambert
Sunshine Loveless and Michelle Dunn-Loveless
Rachel and Henry Schulson

Thank you to the individuals and professionals whose special contributions advanced A Step Ahead Chattanooga’s mission in 2019:
The Association for Visual Arts
Athens Distributing
Baylor School
Bees on a Bicycle
Autumn Witt Boyd and David Boyd
Chattanooga Whiskey
Husch Blackwell
Hutton & Smith
Sam Tibbs

Error? Omission? Please contact info@astepaheadchattanooga.org

Gifts made after December 31, 2019 will be acknowledged in our 2020 listing. This page will also be updated at that time. Thank you for your investment in women!